Muslim “millenium” bomber sentenced to 22 years

Folks, a federal judge in Seattle sentenced Algerian Muslim Ahmed Ressam, 38, on Wednesday to 22 years in prison for plotting to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport during the 2000 millennium celebration.

Yes, that’s right, he was apprehended in December 1999 for attempting to commit mass murder. Please note that his barbaric intentions were laid out 22 months before 9/11, and 33 months before Iraq was invaded.

So, folks, tell me why Muslim Ahmed Ressam wanted to blow up America on Dec 31, 1999. Certainly it wasn’t because there are westerners in Iraq, it wasn’t because there were westerners in Afghanistan, it wasn’t because of global criticism when Muslims under the Taliban’s control, blew up the Buddhist statues, nor was it because Arafat, the pig, wasn’t gouging the Israeli government.

Maybe the problem with Islam is, well, Islam. It’s an ideology which is around 1,400 years long overdue for a gross reformation.

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