A Muslim is being considered to replace John Bolton

Zalmay Khalilzad, who was announced this week as leaving as U.S. ambassador to Iraq, is the leading prospect to replace John Bolton as envoy to the United Nations. President Bush was reported by aides as looking for someone who approximates Bolton’s combination of toughness and diplomatic skill and has tentatively decided on Khalilzad. A native of Afghanistan, he has served in government posts dating back to 1985 and is the highest-ranking Muslim in the Bush administration.If this happens, I will support impeachment of Bush – for treason. I quote SusanP, a writer at Jihadwatch:

That he would choose a Muslim to sell us out at the UN, an organization that exists to undermine and weaken the U.S. and its democratic ally, Israel, is not at all surprising. Bush loves the U.N. and has even volunteered to help it build an army with American money and soldiers. Not a “peacekeeping” force, an army. I am disgusted with myself for ever believing in George Bush.

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