Muslim hubris

A 32-year-old Arab woman wielding a machete was arrested Sunday outside the White House, the Secret Service said.

Spokeswoman Kim Bruce said Ashwak Saleh was taken into custody and charged with possession of a prohibited weapon after she displayed a 13-inch machete on the sidewalk outside the White House.

Saleh was arrested at 2:20 p.m. and taken to Washington Metro Police Department 3rd district for processing.

Witnesses said Saleh was sitting on the sidewalk when she pulled the machete out of a leather sleeve and began sharpening it on the edge of the sidewalk.

The witnesses said passersby then alerted Secret Service officers, one of whom approached the woman and told her to “Drop the blade.”

To that, Saleh said, “What are you going to do — shoot me?

The witnesses said the officer repeated his command, then took Saleh into custody when she wouldn’t comply.

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