Muslim Gunmen Target Christian in Gaza

Christians are reviled by Muslims as well. Via Muslim Gunmen Target Christian in Gaza:

Over the weekend, four masked gunmen tried to kidnap Palestinian Christian Nabil Fuad Ayad, who works as a guard at a Gaza City church. Nabil’s cousin, Rami, was kidnapped and murdered two months ago by the same group, members of the radical Islamic Salafi movement, local sources said. The gunmen tried to force Ayad into their car as he was walking in the street, but he managed to escape to a nearby shop. The assailants fired several shots into the air as they fled the scene. The Salafis, who have become very active in Gaza in recent months, are totally opposed to common Western concepts like economics, constitutions and political parties. They refer to the 2,500 Christians in Gaza as Crusaders and have vowed to drive them out. “The latest incident is aimed at sending a message to all the Christians here that we must leave,” said a Christian leader. “Radical Islamic groups are waging a campaign to get rid of us and no one seems to care.”