Muslim anger at a pub wanting to serve drinks outdoors

Folks, do you know where Glasgow is? Glasgow is in Scotland. According to Yahoo, “Glasgow is the most Scottish of cities, with a unique blend of friendliness, urban chaos, black humour and energy. In the late 20th century the city saw an incredible outburst of musical talent and produced such groups as Simple Minds and Tears for Fears. It also boasts excellent art galleries and museums (including the famous Burrell Collection), as well as numerous good-value restaurants, countless pubs and bars and a lively arts scene.”

And what is the link between Glasgow and Smooth Stone? I knew you’d ask.

In Glasgow, Muslim charities are trying to stop an Italian restaurant from serving drink on a terrace, claiming it is offensive to Glasgow’s Asian community. Gambrino Pizzeria in Kelvinbridge wants to use the pavement outside its premises as an eating and drinking area and has applied to Glasgow City Council for permission. However, the proposals for eight tables and 16 seats has infuriated the local Asian community who say drinking alcohol outdoors is “offensive”.

Two Muslim charities, UK Islamic Mission, based at the Islamic Mosque in Carrington Street, and Noah’s Ark/ Radio Ramadhan in Arlington Street, formally objected to the Great Western Road restaurant’s seating plans.

Javeed Gill, secretary of the UK Islamic Mission, said: “This area is the second largest area for Muslims in the city and we look after 1500 young people and provide activities for them. “We’ve no objection if it is being done inside but selling alcohol on the footpath is a temptation to our young people.”

How odd. I thought a Ryder’s truck, fertilizer, a 4 inch long fuse and the koran were worse temptations.

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