Muslim and Arab countries which boycott Israel

Following are recent examples of boycott requests that have been reported to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance. These examples are illustrative and not exhaustive. Companies should call our advice line (202) 482-2381 with questions concerning these or any request to comply with restrictive trade practices or boycotts. From Office of Antiboycott Compliance, U. S. Bureau of Industry and Security, U. S. Department of Commerce:

Prohibited Boycott Condition in a Purchase Order:
“In the case of overseas suppliers, this order is placed subject to the suppliers being not on the israel boycott list published by the central Arab League.”

Reportable boycott condition in an importer’s purchase order:
“Goods of Israeli origin not acceptable.”

Reportable boycott condition in a letter of credit:
“A signed statement from the shipping company, or its agent, stating the name, flag and nationality of the carrying vessel and confirming … that it is permitted to enter Arab ports.”

Prohibited Boycott Condition in instructions to bidders on a contract
“No produced commodity shall be eligible for … financing if such commodity contains any component or components which were imported into the producing country from Israel and countries not eligible to trade with … the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The equipment and materials must not be of Israeli origin. The supplier/bidder who are not black listed by Arab boycott of Israel will be allowed to participate in this bid.”

Prohibited Boycott Condition in a Custom’s document
“[The vessel entry document asks the ship’s captain to certify that,] no goods, dry cargo, or personal effects listed on the document of Israeli origin or manufactured by a blacklisted firm or company are to be landed as they will be subject to confiscation.”

Prohibited Boycott Condition in Letter of Credit
“We hereby certify that the beneficiaries, manufacturers, exporters and transferees of this credit are neither blacklisted nor have any connection with Israel, and that the terms and conditions of this credit in no way contravenes the law pertaining to the boycott of Israel and the decisions issued by the Israel Boycott Office.”

Reportable Boycott Condition in Letter of Credit:
“Importation of goods from Israel is strictly prohibited by Kuwait import regulations; therefore, certificate of origin covering goods originating in Israel is not acceptable.”

Prohibited Boycott Condition in Power of Attorney from Lebanese firm
A Lebanese firm sent a power of attorney affidavit to appoint a local agent in Iraq to a U.S. firm. The affidavit asked that U.S. firm answer a series of questions concerning the Arab boycott. These questions included whether the firm had a plant in Israel, has sold to Israel, had offices in Israel, owned shares in an Israeli firm, had provided services for an Israeli firm, or had granted any trademarks, copy or patent rights to Israeli persons of firms.

Reportable Boycott Condition in letter of credit:
“Certificate issued by the shipping company or its agent testifying that the carrying vessel is allowed to enter the Lebanese port…”

Prohibited Condition in a Tender
“The supplier must comply with the Israel boycott conditions.”

Prohibited Condition in a Tender
“All goods to be supplied as a part of this order must comply with the Israel boycott rules stipulated by the Royal Oman Police.”

Prohibited Condition in purchase order
“The vendor must ensure that all products supplied do not contravene the regulations in force with regard to the boycott of Israel.”

Prohibited Boycott Conditions in a Contract
“The (tenders) committee may also exclude any bid that does not abide by the provisions of the commercial and economic laws and the provisions of the law of boycott of Israel applicable in the state.”

“[A certificate required stating] that the items have not been manufactured in Israel and that any of the components thereof have not been manufactured in Israel.”

Prohibited Boycott Condition in a Contract
“Vendor shall comply with the Israel boycott laws in performing his contractual obligations.”

Prohibited Boycott Condition in a Contract
“The seller warrants that no supplier or manufacturer or any part of the product is precluded from doing business with Saudi Arabia under the terms of the Arab boycott regulations.”

Reportable Boycott Condition in list of documents required by a freight forwarder
“Certificate from insurance company stating that they are not blacklisted.”

Prohibited Boycott Conditions (requests for information) in a trademark application form
“Do you or any of your subsidiaries now or ever had a branch of main company factory or assembly plant in Israel? …. do you have or any of your subsidiaries now or ever had general agencies or offices in Israel for your middle eastern or international operations? …. what companies are you shareholders in their capital? State the name of each company and the percentage of share to their total capital—and the nationality of each one? ….

Prohibited Boycott Condition in a Contract
“Tenderer shall verify on his own responsibility the laws and regulations in Abu Dhabi which apply to the performance of the services, including the boycott of Israel.”

Prohibited Boycott Condition in an invitation to bid
“Documents to accompany tenders [include] the declaration and Israel boycott certificate. It states the tenderer must accompany his offer with the following, written signed declaration. ‘We declare that we are a company which is not owned by any companies that have violated the approved rules of the boycott and that we do not own or participate in companies that are in violation of the approved rules of the boycott. Further, we do not have, nor does any of the companies that are considered to be a parent company or a branch of ours, any dealings with any Israeli party, whether directly or indirectly. Furthermore, a certificate issued by the Israel boycott office in UAE confirming that neither the supplier nor the manufacturer are blacklisted, should also be accompanied.

Reportable boycott condition in a purchase order
“19. Israeli Clause

The seller shall not supply goods or materials which have been manufactured or processed in Israel nor shall the services of any Israeli organization be used in handling of transporting the goods or materials.”

Prohibited Boycott Condition in a repair order
“Invoices must be endorsed with a certificate of origin that goods are not of Israeli origin and do not contain any Israeli material and are not shipped from any Israeli port.”

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