Music from God

Lyrical and beautiful. Hebrew letters of the Bible have been translated into the universal language of music which can be purchased here, .

Uri Harel, relying on Hebrew tradition that says there are seventy layers of meaning within the Bible, dedicated eight years of research to finding the key to unlock the music encoded within the text. His vision was to provide an opportunity for people to gain a deeper appreciation of the Bible and offer a medium where people can search for a personal healing or a soothing experience by listening to the music.

Harel’s ongoing goal is to encourage scientific research to explain the phenomenon, as well as study feedback received from listeners of MFG to help apply the healing properties of the music in more accurate ways. The hope is to create enough interest and momentum in this endeavor to bring about the translation of the entire Biblical text to music.

Click Below to Listen:
Psalm 23
Psalm 48
Psalm 81

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