The Mughrabi Ramp – the Real Story

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the Mughrabi Ramp – the Real Story
The Real Story
Why must excavations be conducted next to the Temple Mount

The Neolithic Period

Israel Cross Highway
Israel Cross Highway

Beit Shean, (Nysa-Scythopolis)
The Hellenistic Period
The Roman Period
The Roman Period, Archaeological Remains
The Byzantine Period
The Byzantine Churches
The Umayyad Period

The Thirty-Second Archaeological Conference in Israel
Bio- and Material Culture in connection with Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls – Cost Action G8 Working Group 7

Shavuot – Pentecost

Study Days
Center and Periphery in the light of the Archaeological Research – The Early Periods
Center and Periphery in the light of the Archaeological Research – The Bronze and Iron Ages
Excavations and Studies in the Central Region Area for the year 2005
Innovations in the Research of the Chalcolithic Beer Sheva Culture – The Third Study Day
Transition Periods in the Archaeology of the Land of Israel – Transition Periods until the End of the Iron Age

Crusader’s Period
Ottoman Period


Archaeology and the Jewish Historical Sources
Roman Period
Second Temple Period

Roman Period

Christian Sites
Byzantine Period
Khirbet Abu Rish (Beit ‘Anun)

Western Galilee
New Studies in the Galilee, 2002

The Identification of Gamla
The Archaeological evidence
The Period of the Big Revolt

Antiquities’ Looting
Antiquities’ Looting

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