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Mubarak accuses Israel of faking tunnel smuggling evidence

You’ll notice that the Egyptians accuse, but offer no evidence other than their perennial hatred as a starting place for their accusation. This should come as no surprise; this is what Arab nations do when they won’t take responsibility for curing their own country of its pernicious infiltration of Muslim terrorists. From Egypt’s Mubarak Says Israel Faked Smuggling Evidence:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has accused Israel of fabricating evidence it says implicates Egyptian security forces in helping Hamas militants smuggle arms into Gaza, Egypt’s state news agency MENA reported on Thursday. Israel had sent a videotape to Washington showing this. “Our officials (saw the pictures)…and I’m informing you that they’re fabricated pictures and computer work…. Anybody can make pictures of arms smugglers….I can organize pictures of an Israeli man and an Israeli woman smuggling arms and plotting a terrorist operation,” Mubarak said. “Anyone who tries to accuse Egypt of cooperating with arms smugglers, I tell him he’s a big liar….If the way we deal with the arms smuggling is not good enough for you, please, do the work yourselves.”

Good. If Egypt won’t cleanse themselves of their infection, it will be just fine to watch the IDF purge the tunnels themselves.

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