Moves to Charge Ahmadinejad with Incitement to Genocide

From Financial Times: A 68-page study produced by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists argues that Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s declaration that “Israel should be wiped off the map” is part of a hate campaign punishable under international law.

Remarks by Ahmadinejad, including one in which he reportedly questioned whether Zionists were human beings, “constitute direct and public incitement to genocide,” the study alleges. “While the Hutus in Rwanda were equipped with machetes, Iran, should the international community do nothing to prevent it, will soon acquire nuclear weapons,” it notes.

Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the UN, said that while “most people think of [legal proceedings against] genocide in terms of setting up tribunals after the crime has been committed,” the challenge was to stop genocide before it begins. “What specifically can be done? Let the Security Council meet and discuss the issue,” he said.

See also Full Text: Referral of Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the Charge of Incitement to Commit Genocide

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