Move America Forward: A historic trip to Iraq

For over 1 year now Move America Forward, the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization, has been working to put together a trip to Iraq for a delegation of “Gold Star Families” – the parents of troops who have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Under complete secrecy our delegation has made a historic trip, traveling through the Middle East and now are entering Iraq. No other such coordinated trip to Iraq among Gold Star Families has ever taken place. (This trip is an “advance” planning trip that will be followed next year by a much larger delegation of Gold Star Families.)

The purpose of this trip:

–To Rebut Senator John Kerry’s recent criticisms of U.S. troops in Iraq.
–To Report to the American people about progress being made in the war in Iraq.
–To offer our 100% backing and support for U.S. troops stationed in Iraq.

These Gold Star Families have endured immeasurable pain as a result of the death of their child in the war against terrorism. They nonetheless recognize that our nation cannot cut-and-run from the Iraq theatre. If we pull out of Iraq then we will send a message to terrorists around the world that they need only outlast the will and resolve of the American public and the naysayers in the news media and anti-war movement.

We will be speaking to the American people during the next few days via television, radio, newspaper and online interviews. We ask for your help to make sure that our message is heard all across this nation. Help us get the word out!

You will be able to monitor our progress throughout the weekend into next week by constantly checking the Move America Forward website:

A groundbreaking report on our trip has now been picked up by the news media. You can read about this press account at the Sacramento Union:

We will be posting a series of audio files from the Gold Star Family delegation as they make their way through Iraq. Keep checking the Move America Forward website throughout the weekend as we will be continuously updating the site with fresh content.

Here are the first 2 audio clips we have to share for you:

*Gold Star Father John Holley’s Message to America – CLICK HERE

*Gold Star Father Mike Anderson’s Message to America – CLICK HERE

Finally, this trip is being paid for entirely by contributions made to Move America Forward. Not one dime of government money has been spent on this effort. These Gold Star Families are not wealthy folks.

If you would like to show your support for this historic and timely mission, please consider making a contribution online here:

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