Moussaoui Tells Court 9/11’s Toll Was Too Low

From Moussaoui Tells Court 9/11’s Toll Was Too Low:

Zacarias Moussaoui proudly reaffirmed his involvement in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist plot Thursday and said his only regret was that more Americans didn’t die. Moussaoui said that the sobbing Sept. 11 survivors and family members who testified against him were “disgusting,” that the testimony of one man who crawled out of his burning Pentagon office was “pathetic,” and that executed Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was “the greatest American.”

Yet, anti-Bush propagandists wear “Arrest Bush” buttons pinned to their collars and backpacks. It’s just unbelievable.

A madman, Saddam Hussein, murders the people he rules for thirty years while the world is silent because the leaders in the “free” world are taking fantastic bribes or what not. This madman tortures men, women and children. He drops them into wood chippers. His sons rape women at will. The world remains silent – including the anti-Bush propagandists.

Finally someone – George Bush – overthrows the evil dictator and spends the time, energy and political capital to transform the dictatorship into a democracy. That person is called a dictator by some two-bit Hollywood entertainer or some leftwing nutcase or by a deranged Cindy Sheehan and they unite on street corners and call for his arrest. This is just stunning unbelievable.

By flying passenger aircraft into the Twin Towers and Pentagon did Muslim fascists like Moussaoui commit a crime? No, they did not commit a crime, they committed an act of war against a sovereign nation.

Where are the “Hang Moussaoui” buttons? Oh, the same people who call for the arrest of Bush are ignoring Moussaoui; heck, 9/11 was just an aberration, they say, it won’t happen again, they say, besides that was almost five years ago, they say…

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