The Motives of the FBI

Via The Motives of the FBI:

What made the FBI wake up now and charge an 84-year-old American Jew with spying for Israel 23 years ago? The national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, is correct in expressing astonishment at the timing. If Ben-Ami Kadish’s actions were so serious, how come they waited 23 years? This is the same FBI that for five years had no idea a plot to blow up the Twin Towers was being hatched under its nose, while it spent a large part of its time harassing the Jewish aides of U.S. senators and congressmen. It didn’t like the sight of Israeli leaders buttonholing U.S. officials at resource and policy institutes. So this is not a conspiracy masterminded by the U.S. administration, but part of the FBI’s scare campaign to keep sensitive information from being relayed to Israel by American Jews. This is the reason for the investigations and legal proceedings against AIPAC executives.