Mother of 3 Hamas Terrorists Umm Nidal Farhat: Israelis are Not Civilians and There are No Prohibitions on Killing Them

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Umm Nidal, Palestinian Legislative Council Candidate and the mother of three Hamas terrorists who were killed while taking part in “martyrdom” operations. Dream2 TV aired this interview on December 21, 2005.

Interviewer: “Umm Nidal is a woman who voluntarily sacrificed her sons for the sake of resisting the occupiers. This woman always declared loud and clear: ‘My sons did not commit suicide. My sons went and fought. None of them intended – even accidentally – to kill civilians, children or the elderly. They all resisted and confronted the enemy. They had achievements and they were martyred.’

“Umm Nidal is with us today, because she is presenting herself to the world in a new capacity, as a candidate for the Palestinian Legislative Council.”

Umm Nidal: “I protect my sons from defying Allah, or from choosing a path that would not please Allah. This is what I fear, when it comes to my sons. But as for sacrifice, Jihad for the sake of Allah, or performing the duty they were charged with – this makes me happy.”

Interviewer: “What duty is this?”

Umm Nidal: “The sacred duty, Jihad for the sake of Allah. It is a sacred duty – one of the duties of Islam, which cannot be abandoned. We would be sinners if we did.”

“I prepared all my sons for Jihad for the sake of Allah, whether by carrying out an attack, or by any other form of Jihad. I prepared myself for this. He who chooses a difficult road must be ready to bear the consequences.”

To view this clip, visit this link at MEMRI.

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