Most arabs say Israelis carried out Amman nombings

Approximately half the victims of last week’s terror attack in Jordan were palestinians, some Jordanian citizens and some residents of the West Bank. Yaron London watched the reactions in the Arab world and heard their denunciations of the bombing, but not even one person thought to compare the wanton slaughter of Jews and the wanton slaughter of Muslims. Most protested the fact that Muslims had the audacity to murder other Muslims, not over the fact that innocents were killed. The message was frighteningly clear: there is nothing wrong with terrorism in-and-of-itself. The mistake in the current instance was the religious makeup of the targets.

One British reporter traveled to the West Bank village that was home to 17 of the victims. Near the mourning tent, he spoke to family members and asked them who they thought was responsible for the massacre. Every single one blamed Israel. They had internalized the message that Muslims wouldn’t have murdered fellow Muslims, and so it must have been Israelis.

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