Moslem Desecration on the Mount continues: ‘Allah’ found etched into wall of Temple Mount

Concurrently, a new story has broken: The word “Allah” was carved in half-meter (20 inch) high letters on the face of the southern retaining wall of the Temple Mount yesterday, by a Jordanian laborer. The Jordanian is part of a team of workers assigned the task of repairing the damage caused to the wall by previous illegal Moslem activity on the Mount. This, too, is just the newest chapter in the familiar saga of Moslem desecration of the Temple Mount. To read a news reports concerning this latest incident, click here.

Freedom of worship and access to holy sites are anchored in Israeli law. So is the criminality of desecrating holy sites. To read the actual laws and Israeli Supreme Court statements concerning this, click here.

Click here to read an article describing how the Supreme Court itself has rendered these laws meaningless.

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