Moshe Feiglin Warns: Beware of Provocateurs

From Moshe Feiglin’s article: Civil War

The success of the “Practice Run” operation of the National Home movement brought home to Sharon and the extreme Left pulling the strings behind him that with G-d’s help the eviction plan will fail.

Sharon is not the kind of man who gives in easily. If he and the Left cannot evict the Jews of Gush Katif by sheer force, they can initiate acts of provocation. The situation in Israel today is chillingly similar to the situation in which the Oslo Accords were initiated in Israel.

During that period, when it seemed that popular resistance to Oslo was about to defeat the plan, the GSS employed provocateurs to discredit the opposition. Today, the stakes are even higher. If the Left does not succeed in destroying Gush Katif, they know that they are finished. And the Left is traditionally not deterred by bloodshed.

If a “settler” opens fire on soldiers, G-d forbid, the entire resistance to the eviction can be neutralized. Certainly no settler would do such a thing. And if no authentic settler can be found to fire the first shot, there are provocateurs that can do the job.

We shall defend Gush Katif and the State valiantly. We shall not permit the Left — which desires to prove that they are not Jews but rather citizens of the world — to create provocative acts of mutual firing. We shall never bring weapons to the regions of the confrontation. Anyone who does so will be regarded as an agent
provocateur and removed from the area.

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