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Folks, I received one piece of mail last night from a pissant who wrote that I had no right to be angry, and that my anger was “part of the problem”. Wrong. My anger is a response to a huge problem. Let me reprint here what I wrote on AbbaGav’s site in response to a comment made by someone who was embarassed by all of the tributes that were part of the 2,996 Project:

I don’t know if I am embarassed about honoring the murderered, but I do know I feel a helluva lot of righteous anger that they were murderered and that we could not grieve in our own time. Very soon after 9-11, the media decided it would be in our best interest to no longer air footage of the melting towers and falling bodies because it was in their opinion that the barbarians who committed these savage acts against America were just a puny handful and simply an abberation. The liberal mainstream media thought and continues to think that it is quaint for certain groups to act out their culture no matter how detestable it is to others. This is why instead of watching the towers fall, we were bombarded with footage of “innocent” women in colorful burkas and “innocent” old men smoking hookahs and playing parcheesi. Surely these images and others like them were intended to invade the mindset of the American television viewing audience in order to fog over the reality of the decline of Judeo-Christian values in the West. The media likes to look at themselves as where people turn to for moral and social guidelines. How else can one explain the quick turnaround of Americans who stood shoulder to shoulder in unity after 9-11 to months later chanting “Defeat Bush” ? This is what angers me; that as Americans we were so complacent that we allowed a foundation of leftist ideology to grow on the notion of one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter in spite of the immorality of the act of terror and the immorality of the terrorist.

I continued with this:

Why a sovereign nation like the United States has to “respond to media reports” is unclear to me. Why anyone has to respond to media reports at all is unclear to me. This is a very serious situation. We are at war. Our troops know no political party. They are committed to protecting us from warring factions. Why we feel we have to answer to the likes of a Peter Jennings or a Dan Rather is well beyond my tolerance quotient. Instead of factual reporting, the mainstream media has placed what they have deemed as culpability on both Americans and Islamofascists, and Israelis and Islamofascists, creating a perception of equal aggression, of a cycle of violence. The media must be stopped somehow from being able to promote its propaganda and unilateralism that have contaminated mainstream coverage of the Middle East – especially Israel – for the past 35 years. How I wish I knew how we can accomplish that…

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