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Folks, now it’s the Olympics. A lot of peace and love. Yeah, riiiight. Nobody is watching the Olympics, not in the stands, and not on TV – ratings are down 11%. Hey, Katie Couric, the numbers are going down. According to Matt Drudge, Katie Couric had to ask some athletes to do fashion poses, just to try to get audiences interested. And, now Arash Miresmaeili, who is refusing to compete against an Israeli athlete, Ehud Vaks, yesterday, said he would not fight a “Zionist” and that he sympathizes with the Palestinian cause and doesn’t recognize the Jewish state. The cowardly Iranian National Olympic Committee in Tehran said, “This is a general policy of our country to refrain from competing against athletes of the Zionist regime and Arash Miresmaeili has observed this policy.” Now the Iranian Jew haters are saying that Arash Miresmaeili gained weight to get kicked out of the competition. Yeah, he ate a lot of Crispy Cremes, baked in pigfat. Is his move an official boycott and an official political statement by Iran? If so, could the IOC eliminate the entire Iranian Olympic team? Let’s hope so, because the Iranian rat coward bastards don’t deserve to be there.

Here’s evidence of the elevated morality of Ehud Vaks, the Israeli athlete: He said he was crushed when he heard he would win his first match by forfeit. “I feel horrible for [Miresmaeili], and I’m sure if it was up to him, he would have fought,” said Vaks, who lost in the second round. “I know what it feels like to lose, and this is worse. The politicians didn’t let him fight. That is not the way I wanted to win. It is not fair to him. He was the favorite. It’s a small world, the judo world, and I admire him as a fighter.”

“They tell me not to talk about politics, but sports is part of politics. He does not have the right not to acknowledge my country. Israel is a democracy, and Iran is not. I feel terrible on a personal level for him, and on a national level, too. We’re all human, all have the same feelings, and I empathize with what he must be going through,” Vaks said.

Ehud Vaks is a perfect representative of Israel; noble, considerate, compassionate, and moral.

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