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The self-proclaimed supporters of Mike Gravel, who himself is a morphed neo-Libertarian, are so much more Marxist than they would like to believe they are, when one reads their protests against Israel’s right to defend herself against the Muslim attackers lurking on her borders. Clearly, none of Gravel’s supporters who have posted their vitriolic comments on Smooth Stone’s WordPress site, believe in freedom for everyone, which makes them all out to be hypocritical slobs because they do not believe in freedom for Israeli Jews nor their right to self-determination. The Gravel freaks are yet another symptom of what is wrong with America. They are just another group of misguided sycophant sheep looking for their false messiah, most likely having previously fawned over the weirdo Ron Paul. More on Gravel, via Wikipedia:

Gravel has stated that he is an advocate for “a national, universal single-payer not-for-profit health care system” in the United States which would utilize vouchers and enable citizens to choose their own doctor. He has proposed to index veteran health care entitlements to take full account of increases in the costs of care and medicine. He supports a drug policy that legalizes and regulates all drugs, treating drug abuse as a medical issue, rather than a criminal matter. Gravel favors a guest worker program, supports the FairTax proposal that calls for eliminating the IRS and the income tax and replacing it with a progressive national sales tax of 23 percent on newly manufactured items and services, retaining progressivity via all taxes on spending up to the poverty level being refunded to every household.

Gravel has advocated that carbon energy should be taxed to provide the funding for a global effort to bring together the world’s scientific and engineering communities to develop energy alternatives to significantly reduce the world’s energy dependence on carbon. Gravel in principle does not object to the use of embryonic stem cells for medical research purposes. He is avowedly pro-choice on the issue of abortion and women’s reproductive rights. He supports constitutional amendments towards direct democracy.

Gravel’s political leanings and convictions are also in his 1972 manifesto, Citizen Power: A People’s Platform.

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