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More on DailyKos, the Jew-hater’s haven

From The Washington Times:

Eyal Rosenberg resigned as a diarist for the powerful political blog DailyKos on May 9 after “all the Israel Hate spewing out of one too many diaries around here.” As he wrote in his last post: “Reading these past months on dkos has led me to believe that people here, under the ‘progressive’ banner, support views that end up in one place: Me dead.” Recently, a DailyKos diarist suggested “gassing Joe Lieberman like a dog.” Rosenberg notes that the anti-Semitic attacks are not “isolated.” In his brief time as a diarist (several months), he counted 5,000 Israel or Jewish references in the DailyKos. That’s about 23 posts on Jews or Israel a day, most negative. This past spring, one of the site’s diarists posted an image that morphs the face of Israel’s minister of strategic affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, with that of Adolf Hitler’s shown holding a skull painted with a Star of David, under the caption “Zionism was and remains a racist ideology.” There are thousands of posts blaming Israel for all the terror and conflict in the Middle East.

How Jews can still remain Democrats, when DailyKos’ main goal is to support Democrats in order to help them get elected while simultaneously blaming Jews for all the problems in the world, is simply bewildering.

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