More on the architects of the upcoming Jewish Holocaust coming the summer of 2005

Oh, yes, folks, the palestinians are peaceful partners although I never read of peace partners who slither like snakes in the grass, waiting, lurking, stalking the next Jew for their next kill.

Palestinian sources said Islamic Jihad has for the first time deployed Kassam missiles purchased from Hamas and produced in workshops in Gaza City and Khan Yunis. On June 16, Jihad claimed responsibility for the launch of two Kassam missiles at the Israeli city of Sderot, causing damage but no injuries. Prior to this attack, Jihad claimed responsibility for mortar attacks on Israeli communities in the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli man was wounded when palestinians shot at his car in the West Bank on Friday morning.

One Israeli was wounded Thursday night when palestinians fired mortar shells at a settlement in the southern Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported.

Oh, and the Christians around the world who NEVER reacted with any outrage at Arafat’s statement that “Christ was a Palestinian”, are now going to receive the benefit of their silence. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz on Thursday ordered the army to prepare to hand over to Palestinian security control the West Bank cities of Bethlehem next week and Kalkilya the week after.

Bethlehem, folks, Bethlehem.

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