More Muslim incitement. Because they can.

Folks, here’s more of the same crapstorm from Islam, through the orifice of the Muslim Brotherhood Children’s Website at www dot awladnaa dot net. Via MEMRI:

America Aspires to Control the Muslim World – & Our Role is to Prepare Ourselves for Jihad Against the Enemies of Allah; Murdering Children is Part of Judaism

The home page of the website of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, www dot ikhwanonline dot com, links to the children’s website, www dot awladnaa dot net (“Our Children”). This site contains various sections on different subjects, including praise for jihad against infidels in general and against America in particular, and antisemitic writings explaining to young readers how the Jews murdered 25 prophets of Allah and that Jews habitually murder children. Other pages contain texts referring to Seville and Andalusia as part of the greater Muslim homeland, and discussing the long period of prosperity that these lands experienced under Muslim rule. The following are excerpts from the texts posted on the children’s website: We Ask Allah to Give Our Brothers, the Mujahideen, Martyrdom for His Sake, and to Bring Victory to IslamAmong the postings for children on www dot awladnaa dot net are articles praising jihad. On the page titled “General Knowledge” appears an article titled “The Jihad-Waging Prophet,” which states:

“The Prophet waged jihad against the infidels and the hypocrites, and admonished them. Hell is their place of refuge, and how evil is their fate!” [1]

The site also posts articles praising the resistance in Afghanistan and in Iraq. In a review of various parts of the Muslim world, on the section titled “My Great Homeland,” it states that Afghanistan is “currently under the oppressive American occupation that is now aspiring to control the Muslim world. [This occupation] began with Afghanistan, and then [moved on] to our beloved land Iraq; and lo, it now threatens Syria and so on. [U.S. President Bush] has declared a Crusade against the Muslim world, and our role is to prepare ourselves for jihad against the enemies of Allah.” [2] About Iraq, the site states: “Currently, the Iraqi resistance is the most beautiful example of the struggle for independence and the elimination of America’s aggression. We ask Allah that its elimination will be at the hands of our mujahideen brothers, [and] that Allah will give them martyrdom for His sake, will bring victory to Islam and strengthen the Muslims, and will protect the blood of our brothers everywhere.” [3] The Jews Murdered Allah’s Prophets, Murder Children, and Conspire Against the Islamic CountriesAlong with postings praising jihad and the resistance, the site also features postings with antisemitic content. For example, the “General Knowledge” page features a posting on Jews along with postings on various other topics such as the Suez Canal, oranges, hummus, and apricots. Titled “Did You Know?” the posting reads: “Did you know that the Jews murdered 25 of the Prophets of Allah, and that their black history is full of crimes of murder and corruption? “Did you know that the criminal Jews frequently revile and curse our Lord? Among the things they have said is ‘The hand of Allah is fettered [Koran 5:64].’ [But] Allah is above this. “Did you know that the Jews made several attempts to murder our beloved Prophet [Muhammad], but that Allah the Omnipotent saved him from their plot? “Did you know that the corruption and deviance widespread in the world today are the result of activity and planning by the Jews, who are interested in leading people astray, away from the path of Allah? “Did you know that the Jews who occupy our land and our holy places in beloved Palestine are planning to occupy the rest of the Muslim countries and to establish a Greater Israel, from the Euphrates to the Nile, and that they are interested in excavating in the tomb of our beloved Prophet? “Did you know that today the Jews are inciting the entire world against Islam and the Muslims, on the pretext of the war against terror, and that they are conspiring against the rest of the Muslim countries as they did against Iraq and Afghanistan?” [4] Another antisemitic posting, in the “Members Participation” section, headlined “Murdering Children – Part of the Jewish Religion” by “Mahmoud Nabil,” claims that it is possible “to collect evidence from the Torah about the Jewish concept of annihilating [others], which has reached the level of ritual.” Examples are presented from the Book of Isaiah and Deuteronomy. [5] Andalusia is Part of the Great Islamic HomelandThe “My Great Homeland” section depicts Seville and Andalusia as part of the Muslim homeland, along with Egypt, Damascus, the Al-Aqsa mosque, Istanbul, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Maldives. Under “Andalusia,” it states: “There are now 700,000 Muslims in Spain. Of these, 200,000 were born [there] and have Spanish citizenship. Most of the Muslims live in the big cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. Spain has some 300 mosques and [Muslim] houses of worship, and a third of these are in the capital. “The Islamic Cultural Center is considered the main source of authority for Muslims [in Spain] in most matters of religion. It provides many major services required by the Muslim in this country, which prospered for a long period under Islamic rule.” [6]

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