More Muslim hubris

There is no other word than hubris to describe the behavior of people who insist on killing Jews in order to feed their manufactured man-god. From WND:

The replacement tomorrow in the Al Aqsa Mosque of a podium transported with the coordination of Israeli security forces is “proof” the Temple Mount belongs only to Muslims and will never be returned to Jewish sovereignty, according to the leader of the Wafq – the Muslim custodians of the Temple Mount. “This historic occasion proves that the extremist Jews will never achieve their goals of taking over the [Temple Mount.] It shows that we are much closer to liberating the Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem from Israeli occupation,” said Waqf chief Adnan Husseini.

Muslims believe no real harm lies in conceding the Holy Jewish Temple Mount to Jews except for one very important motivating factor – destroying the Holy Jewish Temple Mount promotes and expedites the Islamic goal to ethnically cleanse Jews from the Middle East. One goal of Islam is to destroy any trace or any artifacts of the Holy Jewish Temple Mount. This way, Islam declares supremacy over Judaism by invalidating claims to the historic Jewish presence of the Holy Jewish Temple Mount. Muslims have enjoyed destroying their enemies icons for hundreds of years. The Twin Towers and the Pentagon, were intentionally chosen because they were national symbols of the United States and the Western world. Jewish synagogues, cemeteries, schools and community centers are often targets of Islamo-rage. For decades, Muslims been busy destroying the archaeological remains of the Holy Jewish Temple. Don’t forget about the destruction of the Buddhist statutes in Bamiyan by the Muslim Taliban in Afghanistan. Muslims have desecrated the Holy Jewish Temple Mount just as they did Joseph’s Tomb, the Tomb of the Matriarchs and the Church of the Nativity.

Anyone who supports the concession of the Holy Jewish Temple into the hands of Muslims violates the historical veracity of what is written in both the Torah and New Testaments, both books which precede the Koran by thousands of years. Conceding the Jewish Holy Temple Mount into the hands of Muslims will embolden Muslims to continue to try to subjugate the rest of the world.

Folks, read the writing on the wall, while we still have The Wall. Below are 25 archaeological articles, previously posted on Smooth Stone, contained in one simple link, which prove the Jewish presence in Israel predates Islam by thousands of years.

Spread the truth: Archaeology

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