More Lies from NPR and the BBC

America’s National Public Radio has earned a reputation for both the quality of its programs and for a long-standing bias against Israel. NPR’s Peter Kenyon declared on March 9 that “most observers believe under international law all Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are illegal.” Who these “observers” are and how Kenyon tallied their views in order to conclude that “most” consider settlements illegal is unclear.
More Static on American Public Radio

On March 13, UK BBC news broadcast images of a large crowd of Palestinian men in a fierce street fight, pitching large objects at one another. The commentator, James Reynolds, said the students in Hebron were fighting in the streets, their anger and frustration exacerbated by seeing an Israeli presence on their streets. The next shot showed an Israeli flag flying on a wall outside what seemed to be a military outpost. Then along came Fox News, reporting, without fanfare, that Hamas and Fatah factions were fighting it out on the streets of Hebron. Their footage was identical to that shown on the BBC but no mention was made of Israeli oppression having caused the men’s anger.
BBC’s Reality-Free TV

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