More Facts Sheets on the Israel’s Barrier Fence

“Three of the countries voting for the measure — Turkey, Saudi Arabia and India — have built their own fences on disputed territory with no international backlash whatsoever.”

Politics posing as law


“India, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey voted to refer the Israeli fence to the ICJ even though each has built their own barriers. India is just completing a 460-mile barrier in kashmir to halt infiltrations supported by Pakistan; Saudi Arabia built a 60-mile barrier along an undefined border zone with Yemen to halt smuggling of weaponry; and Turkey built a barrier in the southern province of Alexandretta, which was formerly in Syria and is an area that Syria claims as its own. Ironically, after condemning Israel’s barrier, the UN itself announced plans to build a fence to improve security around its New York headquarters.”

Mitchell Bard, Fact Sheet #31: The International Court of Justice and Israel’s Security Fence and Archive of Fact Sheets

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