Mom of martyr: Sacrifice more of my children

Folks, this story clearly reveals the dysfunctional and necrophiliac culture of Palestinianism. Clearly my God and their god are not the same.

The mother of a Muslim who died as a terrorist “martyr” battling Israel celebrated her son’s death on Lebanese TV, while other “martyr moms” hoped more of their children could be sacrificed for Allah’s cause.

Interviewed on Al-Manar TV on “Martyr’s Day,” Umm Said spoke as a de facto representative of other mothers of martyrs.

“I cannot begin to explain what this day means to me, how great and significant it is for me and for all martyrs’ mothers,” Said stated. “I am talking about the martyrs’ mothers and all mothers in Lebanon. Whatever I could say about them would not be enough, especially since they paid the price in blood, liberated southern Lebanon and brought us closer to victory. They granted us a great reward.”

Continued Said: ” I wish a good year to all the martyrs’ mothers and our children, may Allah honor them. Allah be praised for having granted us our sons. Allah be praised.”

The interview was translated and posted on the Internet by the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project, or MEMRI TV.

Said explained she gets special respect from non-martyr mothers, saying, “I walk about with my head high.”

Rather than cause sadness, Martyr’s Day buoys the mother’s spirits.

“I am very happy, especially on this occasion,” Said stated, breaking down in tears. “This is a blessed day, the day my son gave me reason to hold my head high.”

The clip also includes other statements from martyr moms:

“I am prepared to sacrifice my life. All I want is martyrdom. I’m willing for all my children to become martyrs. May my husband also become a martyr, and Allah willing, may I die as a martyr.”

Another stated: “Compared to others, what I sacrificed is nothing. It’s true I sacrificed a son, but others have sacrificed two or three. I hope more of my sons will become martyrs.”

“Allah be praised,” said another. “I thank Allah for all the good He has bestowed upon us. He has blessed us with martyrdom. Allah willing, we too will be martyred, just as they did.”

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