MK Eldad proposes: Ministers who vote for expulsion to be expelled first

arutz 7

18 July, 2006

MK Aryeh Eldad has proposed legislation entitled “Personal Example,” by which members of a government that votes to evacuate citizens from their homes would be thrown out as well.

The bill drawn up by Eldad, of the National Union party, stipulates that Cabinet ministers in a government that votes to remove Israeli citizens from their homes would “be evacuated from their homes within ten days of the beginning of the evacuation, unless he moved out beforehand of his own volition.”

The proposed legislation states that the ministers would not be permitted to return to their homes ever again. They would receive monetary compensation “in accordance with the guidelines set for the other evacuated citizens.” If the ministers physically resist their evacuation, “the Prime Minister will consider ending their membership in the government.”

Their right to protest, however, is maintained, according to the legislation, to the same extent that the other residents-to-be-evacuated are permitted to protest.

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