MK Eldad Drafts Law for Toppling ‘Gov’t of Disgrace’

From IsraelNN.com:

MK Aryeh Eldad (NU/NRP) has submitted a draft version of a law that would empower the Knesset to declare that a government had become “a government of disgrace” if one tenth or more of its members were under police investigation at a certain point in time.

Should the Knesset declare the government to be a “government of disgrace” according to the proposed law, the result -– for the political system – will be as if the Prime Minister resigned. In such a scenario, says Eldad, the Knesset will be empowered to bring about the resignation of the government and to fill its seats with a new one.

Eldad wants Section 26 of the Basic Law for Government amended to include a subsection that will define as ”disgraceful” a government that “the Attorney General has instructed police to start investigations against one-tenth of its members.”

Eldad said, “These days the investigations against government ministers are multiplying quickly. There is a cumulative weight of public opinion and heavy public relations damage to Israel and the whole Jewish people just from the very fact that so many ministers are under criminal investigations.”

According to Eldad, when a corrupt government stays in power, it leads to “abhorrence, disgust…and a lack of public trust.” It is therefore suggested, he explained, “to enable the Knesset to bring about the resignation of the government in order to create a more worthy one.”

Government ministers currently under police investigation include Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Finance Minister Avraham Hirschson, and Minister for Jerusalem Yaakov Edri. Earlier in the government’s term, then-Justice Minister Chaim Ramon was investigated, tried and convicted for sexual misconduct. There are 26 ministers in the government.