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Miracle – mortally wounded soldier fully recovers

I hesitated to post this article; it tempts all of us, but mostly non-believing Jews and Christians to offer this event to nothing more than coincidence and good luck. I, on the otherhand, stroke this up as an oppurtunity to draw upon hope in HaShem when one is most despondent. From IMRA:

Sarit Rosenblum and Dan Evan report in today’s edition of Yediot Ahronot that Private Avi Dorfman has fully recovered after shards of a Qassam rocket fired from Gaza entered his brain last September.

Dorfman was among the 69 soldiers wounded in the attack on the Israel Defense Forces camp in Zikim, south of Ashkelon, where the new recruits were staying in tents.

Dorfman, nicknamed “Genius” by his friends, was serving in the IDF after declining the offer of a scholarship at UCLA.

Doctors first classified Dorfman as mortally wounded. He was unconscious for three weeks.

“Everyone was certain he would remain with serious damage but it is not possible to identify any sign of the serious damage he sustained. His intellectual ability and cognitive function is completely restored,” his doctors report.

Dorfman lost his right eye – the entrance point of the shards.

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