Minting and Coins in the Land of Israel

Folks, some months ago, I wrote an article about Israel seeking the return of Temple artifacts from the Vatican. When the Romans sacked Jerusalem in AD 70, they took Temple treasures with them. Legend has it that religious articles from the Temple, including the menorah, were among them. There is also a candelabrum that came from the Temple which is believed to be held in the Vatican’s vast treasure caves. I wrote that the representation of the candelabrum on Hasmonean coins, which are depicted here and here, provides one of the oldest pictures of the Menorah.

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel, has a permanent exhibition, called the Numismatic Collection. Check it out to see more proof of Jewish roots in the Land of Israel, proof which absolutely refutes the “palestinian” rhetoric and mendacity that Jews have no historic attachment or claim to Israel and its land.

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