Migron Sentenced to Destruction in Six Months

The Jewish town of Migron, mentioned in the 5,000 year old Jewish holy book in Samuel 1 14,2 and in Isaiah 10,28 is to be forcibly evacuated of all of its Jewisch citizens, by the left wing Jew-haters “Peace Now” in order to make room for the thieves and barbarians of Arabia, so that it can turn into another sh’aria sh*thole the same way that Gaza has.

Imagine being a member of Peace Now and dedicating your adult life to the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people from their indigenous homeland.

Via INN:

Responding to the Supreme Court and the radical Jew-hating Peace Now group, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister said that the 43 families currently living in Migron, north of Jerusalem, would be evicted by this coming August.

Migron (Samuel I 14,2; Isaiah 10, 28) is a strategically critical hilltop community north of Jerusalem, overlooking the Jerusalem-Shomron highway.

It grew very quickly following its founding in March 2002, swelling to 40 families within less than a year and a half – but the government then clamped down, and barely a single new caravan (trailer home) has been allowed in since then.

Migron, as well as 25 other outposts in Yesha (Judea and Samaria), is considered “unauthorized” outpost because they were built after March 1, 2001 – the date ex-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised U.S. President George Bush that no new communities would be built.

Some of the land in Migron was clearly purchased by Jews, but the Supreme Court has been asked by Peace Now to rule that other parts of the community are situated on private, Arab-owned land – and to order the destruction of the entire community.

Peace Now’s objective is to ensure the erasure of all vestiges of Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria.