Michelle Malkin: Another Muslim Sniper?

Michelle Malkin, the insightful, intelligent, brilliant journalist, reports the following:

“Michael Wagner” is a black Muslim convert who was pulled over by an Iowa State Trooper for not wearing a seatbelt. No doubt the professional grievance-mongers are rushing to provide their pro bono services to an innocent man wrongfully profiled by racist cops. Never mind what was in his car:

– A 9mm pistol

– Three bulletproof vests

– Hundreds of rounds of ammunition

– A flight simulator and a bag of flight manuals dating to 2001

– A 5-foot telescope hooked to camera equipment

– Night-vision goggles and a night-vision rifle scope found in a hollowed-out computer

– Books written in Arabic, including the Koran, along with hundreds of pages printed from the Internet on the Iraq war and terrorism

Just as Customs agent Diana Dean pulled over Ahmed Ressam for acting nervously and conducted a vehicle search that saved untold lives by averting the Los Angeles millenium bomb plot, Iowa State Trooper Kenneth Haas decided to search Wagner’s vehicle during a routine traffic stop because Wagner repeatedly gave a false name, couldn’t produce an identification card, and showed signs of nervousness.

Wagner reportedly told a federal agent about “a man in San Diego who he said wanted him to shoot at trolleys there…Wagner also told the agent “he knew of activities and people involved in al-Qaida and Taliban.”

Better keep an eye on this story.


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