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Michael Savage files lawsuit against CAIR

Michael Savage is the radio show host of nationally broadcast, The Michael Savage Show and goes by the name of Savage Nation. According to the lawsuit, the filing concerns the infringement of the copyright to the October 29, 2007 show wherein a segment of the Savage Nation was and continues to be expropriated by defendant, CAIR. CAIR has been given written notice of its copyright infringement but has chosen to persist in using the copyright protected material. The segment misappropriated was in excess of four minutes. As set forth in the lawsuit, the misappropriated segment was used by CAIR for fund-raising purposes and the segment was used in a manner designed to cause harm to the value of the copyright material in “the long and short term”. As for its other goal – promoting Islamism in the United States – CAIR focuses on the single tactic of trying to silence those who have anything critical to say about Islam.I support Michael Savage for filing this lawsuit. We must encourage Americans like Michael Savage, who, in righteous indignation, make meaningful statements while confronting Muslim jihadists. I predict that CAIR will try to intimidate Michael Savage in the hope of stifling any criticisms and/or allegations made against it. As Joseph Puder states, “although CAIR is legal under the constitution, it is important to remember that the Communist party and the neo-Nazi parties in America were legal too. The activities of CAIR, however, are not necessarily sanctioned by the constitution.” – which is a reason why we should not – and cannot – rely on ‘moderate’ Muslims. I’m not willing to sacrifice my faith, my country, and my civilization’s guiding principles for the past two hundred years, to solve a problem that can be dealt with a thousand other ways.That’s right, folks, truth is NOT bigotry.

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