MEMRI: ISI Announces Capture of U.S. Soldiers in Al-Mahmudiayya, Warns U.S. Not to Search For Them

More Muslim hubris, threats, rhetoric, war terminology, and arrogance. From MEMRI’s Islamist Websites Monitor Project No. 100:

In the past 48 hours, the ISI has posted two communiqués on the Islamist websites claiming responsibility for the kidnapping of the U.S. soldiers in Al-Mahmudiyya on Saturday, May 12, 2007 and warning the U.S. not to search for them because doing so would endanger them.

The first message, posted May 13, 2007, states that the soldiers were captured in the course of “clashes between the mujahideen and a Crusader patrol in Al-Mahmudiyya.” The second message, posted May 14, 2007 and titled “The War Scale Tips Once Toward You and Once Toward Us,” mocks the official U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, saying that he “looked pale and could hardly speak… after the ISI captured the U.S. soldiers in Iraq” – in contrast with his demeanor on the day he announced the killing of the ISI’s official spokesmen, Al-Jaburi, when he “bragged that they succeeded in killing our sheikh.”

“Today,” the message continues, “you have experienced a calamity. Your false propaganda presented the American soldier as undefeatable, as a soldier who can never be captured, but with Allah’s grace the American soldier has been humiliated by the monotheists of the ISI.” The message ends with a threat: “If you are concerned for the safety of your soldiers, do not search for them.”

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