Media frenzy. Please don’t feed the journalists

Folks, more than 6,000 foreign correspondents poured into Israel. Israel has once again become the most important place in the world.

In parts of Africa, such as Niger, hundreds of thousands of people are dying of starvation and disease. As Israel Harel points out, “The same pattern can be seen in Sudan and Algeria. There, the death of hundreds of thousands of people from starvation or AIDS is not a big story. In Sudan, the Christians are undergoing genocide, yet the Christian world, for some reason, is not displaying signs of shock. In Algeria, thousands of villagers, if not more, have been the victims of massacres for years. Yet only a few journalists visit those places, and they, too, go there only for a single assignment.”

Because after all, the Palestinians, more than any other group of people in the world (except for the Jews) interest the world media. When it comes to Palestinian suffering, there is none like it.

Israel Harel says “Palestinians who are delayed at an Israeli checkpoint – in order to avert a suicide bombing attack – are a far more interesting subject, and broadcast more frequently, than images of victims of massacres in Sudan or Algeria. Tear gas fired by Jewish soldiers at Palestinian demonstrators who are against the separation fence is broadcast almost every day by every important media outlet in the West, whereas executions of women in Saudi Arabia after they have been accused of adultery (generally without trial), or cutting off limbs of people accused of theft, is not headline news.”

It is not every day that history summons up a precedent – in which Jews expel Jews and thereby declare implicitly that what the Europeans did to them in the past was not so terrible.

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