Massachussetts, the Red Sox, the Flip-Flop King and His Ketchup Queen

Well, it seems the Bambino’s curse is indeed now dead. The Red Sox have won a World Championship and the Babe can rest in peace. Congratulations to all you long suffering Red Sox fans.

Now that you’ve won your world series, perhaps you’ll see fit to remove the perpetual infernal curses you’ve conjured up and beset on the rest of the nation in obvious retaliation. Don’t play dumb, you know what I mean: Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Activist Liberal Judges, Gay Marriage, Ben Affleck/Matt Damon and Cheers reruns.

Our earnest prayer is that the Red Sox sucked all the luck out of the air leaving none left for the Flip-flop King and his Ketchup Queen. If you’re a true Sox fan, you’ll vote Bush-Cheney for the sake of Karma and Universal equity.


By the way, if you agree with what you read – pass it on.

If you can read this – thank a teacher.

If you are reading it in English – thank a soldier.

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