The mass murder of Darfur’s black Africans

The BBC is too afraid to mention the word, “Muslim”, in this article and being the typical cowards that they are, use the simplified qualifier, “Arab” instead. But you get my point. On the left is a picture of a poor African refugee heartbroken by the ongoing effects of Arab Muslim treachery in Sudan. An excerpt:

Plans to visit the vast Kalma refugee camp near Niala on Sunday were cancelled because of an outbreak of shooting, apparently related to a government attempt to return some of the refugees from the camp to their villages. But it has been possible through Unicef to obtain some of the travel permits necessary, and to talk to many refugees about what has happened to them.

They have horror stories about the Janjaweed, the Arab [insert “Muslim” here ] militia that drove them from their homes. They are absolutely unanimous that they will not return until the [insert “Muslim” here ] Janjaweed have been disarmed and until they are absolutely sure that their safety is protected.

If anyone gets a chance, perhaps a note from Ibrahim Hooper, please let us know again why Islam is a religion of peace and not a canard. Thanks.

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