Mankind’s Ugliest Villian

Paul Eidelberg writes:

General Ion Mihai Pacepa, former head of Romanian Intelligence under he Ceaucescu regime, author of Red Horizons, offers a striking assessment of Yasser Arafat. After describing Arafat’s love-making with his bodyguards, Pecepa writes: “I’ve never before seen so much cleverness, blood, and filth all together in one man.”

How is it that this vile creature, the head of a band of murderers, can nonetheless appear at the center of the world’s stage and win the accolades of mankind, to the extent of winning a Nobel Peace Prize? Is this not a commentary on the moral poverty of mankind, especially of the democratic West where Arafat back is treated as a head of state? Not even Arafat’s complicity in the recent Arab suicide bombings in Jerusalem — his exalting such bloody savages “holy martyrs” — has rendered him loathsome and untouchable to the handshaking diplomats of the Clinton Administration.

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