“Man” charged in flu shot scam

Folks, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the disturbing crime in Houston, where the owner of a fake health care company issued more than 1,000 fake flu shots to local Exxon Mobil workers during a safety fair last week.

The owner was arrested Thursday for his role in a scam to defraud Medicare by providing flu vaccinations at company health fairs. His company, Comfort & Caring Home Health, provided approximately 1,000 Exxon Mobil employees and 80 private contractors with shots full of what the FDA said was “some form of purified water” instead of the flu vaccine.

The owner’s name? Iyad Abu El Hawa.

Remember folks, a criminal complaint is merely an accusation and is not evidence.

Besides, we’re fairly sure it is because of the Israeli occupation of Houston that made El Hawa do this.

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