Maine School drops Pledge of Allegiance during ceremony to prevent offending Muslims

Planck’s Constant has more alarming news about how spineless Americans and America has become where Muslims are involved. In this post, we learn from Bernie that

Oregon’s southwest Portland elementary school officials, without a single Muslim complaint, in order to prevent the smidgin of likelihood, a sliver of chance, a particle of possibility that some Muslim might perhaps potentially be slightly offended, decided to exclude the Pledge of Allegiance from an elementary school’s ceremony.

From KATU News, School drops Pledge of Allegiance during ceremony: The Portland School District said there were no complaints about the pledge. They said they have little say in how principals handle end of the year ceremonies at individual schools.

The following is the full e-mail response that parent Briana Reese received from Principal Pam Wilson:

“The Pledge contains the words, ‘under God’ and we have many Muslim families here. So out of respect for the diversity of religious faiths practiced by our school community (parents and families) we decided that this year the students would memorize and sing the Preamble to the Constitution. At the rehearsal on Friday they did it from memory and to a wonderful song. It was very joyful and unique. I think you, and other parents, will really appreciate the creative and new way to open the program.”

It’s a disgusting program, Pam Wilson, because liberals and socialists like you are killing this country by supplanting our traditions and values on behalf of our enemies.

I remember how the libs ran out to get copies of the koran in order to embrace the Arab community after 9-11. I also remember what the libs said after 9-11. They said, “if only we weren’t such a mean spirited nation, the nice arabs wouldn’t have done this to us.” The libs all ran out and bought the koran. They all went to embrace the fake religion of peace. They said, “Bush was a wild cowboy.” No, Muslims aren’t wild in spite of the empicial historical evidence that proves otherwise.

Well, if you don’t remember, it’s time to remember.

The Tolerance for Terrorists has got to stop. Ultra tolerance is killing us, it’s killing Spain, it’s killing Europe and mostly, it’s killing Israel.

The meltdown of our American society is concommitant with the invasion of our nation. It’s the ACLU, it’s the National Lawyers Guild and it’s every radical left-wing liberal in this nation.

It’s the enemy within our own country that is going to assist Muslims in killing the rest of us. We mustn’t let leftwing radicals, including those in the media, as well as Hollywood actors and untalented comedians tell us how our President should defend us during wartime.

Of course the media won’t even cover this story withoug putting a spin on it. Tomorrow we will once again hear about gay marriages, Britney Spears, amd abortion activism. The left will make the terrorists “victims”; they will tell us why we deserve the rage of third world street thugs.

But it’s our duty to remind the enemies from within this country what we are facing. That’s why sites like Smooth Stone and Planck’s Constant must be read so that you can educate yourselves and facilitate your own research. Use those sites to search on historical events you are unclear about. Corroborate what you read here with other research and informational sites.

I urge all of you to start talking about the World Trade Center again, how people jumped to their deaths and how you felt on that catastrophic day. Talk about the Bali bombings, the first WTC attack in 1993, the Lockerbie bombing, Israel’s suffering, the El Al hijackings, Arafat’s unmitigated gall and temper tantrums, how Saddam’s sons tortured thousands of innocent people. Talk about all that. And most importantly, know that it was the American Left and the rest of the Hate America crowd who are also responsible for 9-11, because they are the ones who initiated and instigated and urged the fraying of the social, traditional, and religious fabric of our country.