Mahmoud Abbas and the Maalot Massacre

Mahmoud Abbas, the current Palestinian Authority chairman, was behind the Maalot High School Massacre in which 26 Israeli school children were killed and 66 were wounded, not including the Muslim terrorists who perpetrated the massacre.

This slaughter was planned by Mahmoud Abbas, the current “moderate” head of the PLO.

Abbas was born in Safed, and when he announced two years ago his plans to visit and even reclaim the house of his birth in the Old City.

Mayor Yishai Maimon said that he, who was himself wounded as a youth during the massacre, would personally physically block Abbas’ motorcade from entering the city.

Here are photos:

of the 22 slain youths, who are referred to as the “22 Flowers”.

They are buried together in a special enclave in the Safed Beit Olam.

Note their typical “Tzefati” physiognomies, typical of the Moroccan-Tunisian Sefard mixture which makes up 80% of Safed’s populace.

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