Madrid Suspect Linked to 9/11

Here is the photo of the porcine, bloated swine-nugget, Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas, one of the five muslim savages considered to be responsible for the Madrid terror attacks.

What’s interesting is that this two-legged pus sack was previously jailed by a Spanish judge for allegedly helping plan the Sept. 11 attacks, which means that this savage didn’t blow up Madrid because of Spain’s alliance with the US, he blew up Madrid because he had already blown up the Twin Towers.

Instead of blaming the horror and the savagery on islam and the islamofascists, where the blame righteously belongs, the Spaniards blame their ousted president for siding with the US.

The people of Spain’s decision to oust their current government is a blatant, flaming demonstration of cowardice.

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