Madeleine Bunting of the Guardian justifies suicide bombers

Folks, check out this twisted article written by Madeleine Bunting, of the Guardian, which is her attempt to explain away Muslim terrorism. Ms. Bunting writes a good sob story which is so reminiscent of the “justification propaganda” exploited by the PA and every other stripe of Islamist thuggery. It’s the British, it’s the Americans, it’s the French, it’s the Belgians, it’s everything other than the inherent evil that is behind Islam’s supergoal to colonize and imperialize the world. The Vietcong sang the same song as the Red Chinese – their murderous predilections were always a result of the West’s imperialistic nature which is the ultimate cause of their “understandable” rebellion. Sorry, Madeleine, the truth of the matter is that the Islamist’s moral bankruptcies are a result of their godless belief systems – period.

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