Maayan Naim, another Jew butchered by palestinian muslims

Folks, palestinian muslim murderers set off explosives hidden in bushes at a Tel Aviv bus stop Sunday, killing a female soldier, Maayan Naim, and seriously wounding at least 32 people in the first deadly bombing in Israel since March, a bombing that has occured with the endorsement of the decision of the world court at the Hague.

The blood of dead Jews is on the hands of all the nations who voted against Israel’s right to defend itself.

The blast occurred two days after the UN world court ruled that Israel’s fence — which Israel says is meant to keep out palestinian attackers — is illegal.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, a violent palestinian group (an understatement, for there is no such thing as a non-violent palestinian group) linked to Yasser Arafat’s Fatah faction, claimed responsibility, saying it was avenging the deaths of its members killed by Israel.

Maayan Naim, 19, from Bat Yam, was murdered in the attack while waiting for her bus to her base at Tel Hashomer.

She has a special story as do all of our victims of terror:

The small street of Balfour in Bat Yam is where Maayan lived with her parents and siblings. Peretz Chaim Naim and his wife, Mazal, were baalei teshuva who had left the life of the world of Tel Aviv for a new world of Torah over the past few years. Maayan’s four siblings always called Maayan “Pocohantos” as her beauty and warmth shined for the entire family. Each morning after minyan as Peretz Chaim would open up his fruit and vegetable store, Maayan would bring the fresh bread and milk for her mother, Mazal, and her four siblings. On Friday nights, as her Abba would venture out to the synagogue in his recent new lifestyle of minyan attendance 3x a day, Mazal would pray in her living room and Maayan would join her mother in tears and song as they prayed together to wait for Abba to come home for kiddush.

Last Friday night, Maayan had missed the last bus to Bat Yam, and made it to the house a few minutes after candlelighting on foot. She embraced her mother and siblings and they sang “Lecha Dodi” together, while she was still in uniform, not even spending a minute to change to shabbat clothes.

Two weeks ago, Maayan Naim, had her 19th birthday party with her friends. Shani Sambarnin, who was Maayan’s best friend since gan, was sick and could not make the party. Maayan was supposed to ‘recelebrate’ tonight with Shani in Tel Aviv for the belated birthday dinner with her best friend. Maayan was to be discharged from the

IDF in 2005 and had registered for school to start her studies. Maayan Naim, 19, is survived by her siblings and her mother, Mazal, and her father Chaim. The news reporter who just visited the house of pre-shiva was told by Maayan’s sister, “We don’t have Mazal or Chaim, luck or life any more.

Maayan will be buried tonight and instead of a happy birthday with her friend, her siblings and father will recite Kaddish for Maayan Naim, another victim of Palestinian Muslim’s bloodlust.

*facts gathered from Yediot Achronot* July 11

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