A Loyal Reader Responds to “Ronald Reagan. Legacy for our time by Frank J. Gaffney Jr. “

A loyal reader, JasherTUR, wrote the following response to “Time to put a name to the evil”, that you can read here.

“Well put. However, I fear our president, perhaps afraid to call a spade a spade due to the sure rain of self-righteous fire it would bring from the Liberal Left and its Media conspirators, is not willing to wage this ideological war without the politically correct caveat which undermines its premise – that it is not Islam, but Islamic “extremists” that are bent on world domination. This PC parsing of the Evil we face is the undoing of our ability to fight its insidious intent, for the more we are forced to itemize into degrees of relative hostility those whose core beliefs underlie their universal determination to bring the West under the curved sword of Mohammedism, the less we are able to face down the theological threat Islam presents to all those who oppose it. Those well-intentioned Muslims who sincerely desire a peaceful coexistence in the world’s diverse amalgamation do so in denial of the doctrine at the very core of their cult and their resounding voices of moderation are about as plentiful as oases in the heart of the Sahara. We cannot defeat those who see as religious obligation our demise unless we are willing to send them a clear message that our faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David and Jesus is greater than theirs in the false god, Allah, and that our determination to win this cultural/religious war is greater than theirs – at all costs. That is what it will take. Bush is our best hope at present to send that message and wage this war, and though I have doubts he has the moxie to do it like it should be done, I have no doubt Kerry would become our modern day Custer should our nation have the short-sightedness to elect such a schmuck.”

Bravo, JasherTUR. You’re a great American.

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