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Livni Gives Away Northern Jerusalem

In an astonishing announcement one week before Passover, a local Jerusalem paper is reporting that Foreign Minister Livni has agreed to give away Atarot Airport.

The Kol HaZman (All the Time) paper reports that in ongoing secret talks with top Palestinian Authority negotiator Abu Ala, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has agreed, in the name of Israel, to transfer the Atarot airfield in northern Jerusalem to PA control. The paper states it source as “senior Foreign Ministry elements.”

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski stated that “It is inconceivable that while Israeli flights from Atarot have been stopped because of security fears, the threat will now become even more severe, with control of the entire area being given over to the PA.” He warned of the dangers of “hostile airplanes” in the skies of Jerusalem.

Lupoliansky promises he will work even harder to advance his plan to build 10,000 housing units for Jews in Atarot, hoping to thus thwart the plan to give it to the PA.

Jerusalem Municipality officials said the agreement to give away Atarot represents a de-facto recognition of the division of Jerusalem.

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