Live from Gaza: Terror Radio

Folks, here’s more on Israel’s demonic partners in “peace”: Hamas has been using its official radio station in Gaza to broadcast instructions to terrorists in the field firing mortars and rockets at Gaza’s Jewish communities, security sources told WND.

Hamas regularly fires mortars and Qassam rockets at Gush Katif, where almost 10,00 Jewish families are scheduled for deportation Aug. 17. The Muslim terror group launched more than 120 rockets and mortars the past two weeks, killing one woman and injuring more than eight. Yesterday, a Qassam rocket hit Neve Dekalim, a large southern Katif town.

Analysts expect the rocket attacks to increase as the evacuation date gets closer so that Hamas can claim to its palestinian supporters it drove Israel from the area.

Folks, for decades, Arab propaganda has been reiterating the claim that the Arabs are the true owners of the land and that the portion actually belonging to the Jews is minute. The Arab claim rests on two premises: (1) At the latter part of the nineteenth century, the Palestinian Arabs were living and cultivating their lands in peace and security, until the European Jewish immigrants drove them from their territory, creating a large class of landless and dispossessed Arabs; and 2) in 1948 a small Jewish minority, which owned only 5% of the territory of the country, took over the 95% that belonged to the Arabs, and, illegally and immorally, established the State on that territory.

The propagandist myth of an “entire Palestinian people uprooted from its soil by the Zionists” is shattered against the reality of the nineteenth century: plunder and devastation, war and destruction, chaos, anarchy, a population dispersed and declining. All this occurred many years before the beginning of the Zionist settlement, while the Jewish population still resided in the “Holy Cities” of Jerusalem, Hebron, Tiberias, and Safed, long before these Jews together with Jewish immigrants from the lands of the Diaspora began purchasing land and tilling the soil.

Moreover, at the end of the nineteenth century the Jewish pioneers began to make the desert areas of the land bloom, rendering the country highly attractive to Jews and Arabs alike.

It is an undisputed fact that after World War I the pattern of Arab emigration was reversed: until that time, the number of Arabs who left the land exceeded that of those who came to live in it.

Starting in the 1920s, there were more immigrants than emigrants. And where did they settle? Usually in those areas which were developed by the Jewish settlers.

My wish to those demon-possessed arabs in Gaza, may the land open up and swallow you whole so that you and your past and future generations are obliterated from the face of the earth.


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