The Likud Knesset list

The Likud Knesset list is as follows: [With thanks to Arutz 7]

1) Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu – Unhappily supported Disengagement until the week before implementation, when he left the government in protestof it.

2) Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom – Supported Disengagement from beginning to end, though came out against the abandonment of the Philadelphi Corridor between Gaza and Egypt.

3) MK Moshe Kahlon – One of the less outspoken Likud ‘loyalist,’ though he voted consistently against the expulsion and is a close associate of MK Dr.Uzi Landau.

4) MK Gilad Erdan – Opposed the Disengagement.

5) MK Gideon Sa’ar – Likud’s coalition whip, who maintained good relationswith both camps in the Likud, was outspoken in favor of a referendum on the expulsion, and mainly voted against the expulsion.

6) MK Michael Eitan – Supported the Disengagement, but also fought on behalf of residents’ and activists’ legal rights in Knesset Legal Committee.

7) Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin – Opposed the Disengagement.

8) Health Minister Dan Naveh – Supported the Disengagement.

9) MK Yuval Shteinitz – Supported the Disengagement, but opposed the abandonment of Philadelphi Corridor.

10) Minister Limor Livnat (received enough votes for the 11th slot, but was bumped up because the 10th slot is reserved for a woman) – Supported the Disengagement.

11) Natan Sharansky – Resigned from government prior to implementation of Disengagement, but declined to join the pitched struggle against its implementation.

12) Minister Yisrael Katz – Opposed the Disengagement.

13) MK Chaim Katz – Opposed the Disengagement.

14) MK Uzi Landau – Considered the head of the Likud “loyalists”, resigned the government long ago in protest of the Disengagement. He backed out of the primaries for head of the party and backed Netanyahu.

15) MK Yuli Edelstein – Opposed the Disengagement.

16) MK Daniel Benlulu – Opposed the Disengagement.

17) MK Leah Ness – Opposed the Disengagement.

18) MK Naomi Blumental – Opposed the Disengagement
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