Liberal Tunisian Researcher Dr. Iqbal Al-Gharbi: Muslims Must Take Responsibility for Past Mistakes

In an article titled “Whither the Arabs and Muslims in the Age of Forgiveness and Pardon?” liberal Tunisian author and researcher Dr. Iqbal Al-Gharbi wrote about the current worldwide proliferation of public apologies for the sins of the past, and the conspicuous absence of that phenomenon from the Arab and Muslim scene. Published in the new reform website, Al-Gharbi stated that the Muslims must take responsibility for their past, must stop blaming others, and must be self-critical.

Here and here are excerpts from her article where you may read her powerful arguments for how and why

We, the Muslims, Still Insist that We Are Always Innocent –and Always Victims

“Why Do We Insist on Beautifying Our History and on Living Outside It?”

We Must Apologize to the Christians and the Jews

We Must Apologize to the Africans for the Slave Trade

We Must Apologize to the Isma’ili, Bahai, Alawi, and Druze

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